Apprenticeship programs prepare workers to compete in today’s changing economy. It’s a great idea to implement a program in your workplace because it’s a win-win-win situation that benefits employers, employees, and workforce systems by keeping up with advancing technologies, innovations in training, and developments in human resource management. Take a look at what I mean:

  • Employers will have lower turnover rates, lower costs of recruitment, an increase in productivity, and have a safer workplace.
  • Employees are guaranteed a paycheck that will increase as training progresses, will get hands-on training (while simultaneously earning a degree), have a career with a competitive salary, accumulate little educational debt, and will earn an industry-recognized credential.
  • Workforce systems will help businesses thrive by building a skilled and productive workforce.

Apprenticeship programs are usually used in industries like entertainment, construction, and manufacturing. However, they can also be used in growing industries like healthcare, information technology, transportation, and energy. Are you considering creating an apprenticeship program for your business? Read below to make sure you’re creating the best apprenticeship program possible.

The most successful apprenticeships come from collaboration amongst a variety of partners. To read more about this extensive collaboration, visit Stephen Koppekin’s blog here.