In the traditional sense strikes occur when an Employer and a Union cannot reach agreement  ..the dispute usually centers around wages or working conditions.. in the writers/agents dispute the issue deals  with trying to fundamentally change the business model for Agents…(which in its truest form is the irresistible force meeting the immovable object)The Writers want their agents to be agents and not producers or “packagers”…The agents have been packaging deals and producing for many years . Both parties have very Savvy lead negotiators  and recently have resorted to law suits…i submit the law suits will not resolve the issues…i hope in the exchange of proposals the parties have explored every potential resolution…wondering  from the sidelines i am curious if the parties explored  having the agents take less commission when they package thus giving the writes more money and /or letting the Writers participate financially in the producer fees…yes it would be costly but it may end the ugliness,,,